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Sandy Elder

I read your article and was very impressed. I have 2 kids, our daughter is 13(grade 8) and our son is 11 (grade 5) I am looking into home schooling. I am very frustrated with the public school system. Our daughter has been struggling since gr. 5 and does not fit in the box of structured learning. Our son is now struggling with reading and language. It is encouraging to hear about stories like yours that dismiss the negative side to homeschooling.
Thank you for your time and good luck.

Sandy (Toronto, On. Canada)

Stephanie Grassi

I'm 16 and going into the 10th grade. I'm struggleing in school and my aunt is looking into homeschooling me. I'm trying to learn more about homeschooling so I know what I'm looking at. I wonder if you could give me some tips. If you could, e-mail me as soon as you can. Thank you.


I belive he is right! Homeschool is so much better then Public! and some people ar mean like me neighbor Jusy tonight told me the reason my bro 13 likes rc cars is cause we are homeschooled! That is WRONG!!!!!!! I LOVE Home svhooling more then anything!!!


Oh sorry about my writing i am in the dark!


hey im kate
i hate school and i really want to be homeschooled,but my mum is not interessted.
im looking up wat it involves and just general stuff and i hope a.s.a.p. i can become homeschooled because its something i really want to do the only thing im worried about is the costs of everything.
thank you !!!!!!


i would love to be homeschooled!!!!
cause my best friend talks so much about what they did and sch fild trips!!! pluss p school is where people kinda feel left out about things!!and education!!


Homeschooling sounds really great! I've been wanting to get into it but im worried about how much it will cost. Im trying to convince my mother into letting me get homeschooled. Shes worried about a few things though; how will i get a diploma, how will i persue a career and wont a be an socially awkward afterwards? I tell hate school because of the way were taught and the nasty social groups. I'll look more into though and hopefully i'll win my mother over! =D


hey i really hate public school i wish i could be home schooled i think i would work so much better at home where i am comfortable and feel safe rather than at public school where people judge you and so many things can happen.

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Very interesting facts about being home schooled you do have great reasons why home schooling would be better in one paragraph (: you answered my homework thanks

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