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Ronney Frank

Why are teachers so mean.

Meshell Kemp

i writing because my daughter is 15 this year and they have her in the 7th grade. She pasts her classes but when it come to the city wide test her focus is not there i think . and also i have as the schools for help with that matter but they never helped me . Instead last year they suspened her for something that i would have to show you because it very confusing. they had a hearing but i tried to get the autotape was blank they're doing a cover up.I asked the Brord of education and hearing Broad fo rthe transcript every sins 3/04 and it happen on 1/04 . i'm just finding out that the autotape is blank so her records will be cleared but they put her back in the 7th grade when she was out of school last year for 60days when i asded for homeschooling because for safety reasons. I live in the in a very bad place right now My daughter has went thought so much and i 'm in need of some help I would like it as soon as possible Thank You very much (718)784-8810

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